My Habitat for Humanity story goes back to the very beginning! In fact I headed up the construction program at Koinonia in the early 1970s which produced about three dozen houses. Millard Fuller and I brainstormed about how to expand that work, and I spent January 1974 in Mbandaka, Zaire with him, designing and surveying what became Habitat’s first official project after HFHI was officially launched in 1976. I then had the extraordinary privilege of serving on the new IBOD for the next seven years. I also helped to start Habitat projects in half a dozen other countries. Not only did I enjoy working on such projects around the world, but I loved meeting with many of the wonderful friends who continue to participate in these IBOD Alumni reunions online. In short, I feel like one of the very most blessed people in Habitat’s rich history around the world. Thank the Lord!